2016 Ribbon Winners


2016 Festival of Trees     Voting for Favorites Winners


Best Topper      

Winner:                                ARTS Upcycled                                                  Emily Platt for

Antrim Recycling and Transportation Center

Runner up:                          Galaxtree                                                            Lulu Boulé

Honorable Mention:       The Giving Tree                                                 Wednesday Morning Knitters


Best Under Tree Display

Winner:                                Vintage Holiday                                                 The Royalston Attic

Runner up:                          Ocean Dreams                                                   Tenney Farm

Honorable Mention:       “O, Come Let Us Adore Him”                       Antrim Baptist Church

Honorable Mention:       My Lego Tree                                                     Logan Montano



Winner:                                The Year Without a Santa Claus                  Meghan St. Jean

Runner Up:                         Holiday Remembrances                                Antrim Cemetery Trustees

Honorable Mention:       Go Merry or Go Home                                   Monadnock Roller Derby

Honorable Mention:       Santa on Vacation                                            Merl Vandervort


Most Creative:

Winner:                                Edmunds Village Fountain                            Jason Bryer for Edmunds ACE Hardware

Runner Up:                         Tree from The Sea                                           Mary Allen

Honorable Mention:       The Year Without a Santa Claus                  Meghan St. Jean



Winner:                                The Center of Our Lives                                 Hillsboro United Methodist Church

Runner Up:                         Edmunds Village Fountain                            Jason Bryer for Edmunds ACE Hardware

Honorable Mention:       Galaxtree                                                            Lulu Boulé


Gilded Tree Award:         The Year Without a Santa Claus                  Meghan St. Jean